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About Waffle Patterns

Hello, thank you for visiting Waffle Patterns shop ! 

I’m Yuki and designing and producing patterns and instructions of Waffle Patterns. 

My patterns are simple design with vintage essence and you can make stylish and functional daily wears. I hope you enjoy to wear them everyday. 

My patterns and instructions are very user friendly and easy to follow. I’m making them based on my experiences as a colour and graphic designer working over 10 years in Tokyo and Amsterdam.

I started this Waffle Patterns, because of I love to share the enjoyment and fun of creation. My passion is to support communication or self expression through the art and craft. Also I’m quite sure that personalise designs will be big market instead of mass production from my experience as a designer. 

I hope you enjoy my contents and find something nice in my creations.

Check my blog here! you can find free patterns and tutorials.

If you have any question about my patterns or instructions, don’t hesitate to contact me ! Custom pattern, sample makings or design orders are every time welcome.

Thank you and Happy sewing !
The Netherlands

Waffle Patterns // yuki design 

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